The Cause Of Earth's Global Warming

Found an interesting description on Quo’s perspective on the cause of Earth’s global warming. I would love to learn your opinion on the matter.

It’s said that today’s earth contains 3rd density consciousness originating from other 3rd density planets (starseeds?) where each carries their on ‘leftover baggage’ to be worked out on this planet. The baggage is basically, the negative energy of judgement, conflicts and destruction.

Q: I’ve got one. Q’uo, could you discuss the phenomenon that we call down here “global warming,” from the perspective of the spiritual evolution of mankind, either in the time/space context of the next several decades or in any larger time/space context of centuries or longer that you feel we might be receptive to hear about.


We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. That which occurs upon the physical plane within a human body generally occurs because it has not been grasped, not seen fully, and certainly not taken into one’s awareness to subject to the energies of solution within the mental and emotional part of the human. Therefore, when entities become ill it is often the end result of imbalances and distortions within the energy body that have been ignored or not recognized.

The same is true of the living body of your planet. The situation is not particularly simple, for your planet is populated by several planetary populations from elsewhere in which there was a toxic disregard for their home planets and a set of actions which, in total, created of their planets an uninhabitable environment for third-density work. Consequently, you have coming into the earth plane of your planet a great many entities who have been unable to grasp the need for inner peace and harmony with others. And you have instead solved perceived problems by invoking the energies of aggression and the destruction of other selves.

We speak not only of the obvious physical destruction of other-selves which exist in war, but the less obvious but nevertheless deadly energies which would pit entity against entity, power against power, judgment against judgment. There is, in the concept of karma, embedded the concept of continuation, or the inevitable onward movement, of a thing which is inertia. That which is tends to continue on being that which is.

The energies that created destruction elsewhere remain, retained within the deepest parts of the roots of consciousness. And that solution which is aggressive and destructive seems once again to be a valid choice, even a necessary choice. Once again, it takes an answering energy to stop the energy of that karma and among your peoples that energy has often not been seen as a good thing.

Again and again, those answering energies of cooperation, harmonization and communication have begun to gain strength among your peoples only to be ground down under the heel of that thirst for empire that fuels nation-states’ aggression against other nation-states and entities’ aggression against other entities.

All this heat of aggression and destruction has been pushed down into the earth upon which your feet stand. And the earth has begun to express it, just as this instrument’s body was recently covered with a rash as her body attempted to throw off the toxin of a substance to which she was allergic.

While there are certainly rational, scientific explanations for various aspects of global warming, spiritually speaking, the interesting and telling portion of this phenomenon is held within the energies of your people. Therefore, every attempt that is made by persons or groups of people to send love into the earth energy, to send peace into the earth energy and so forth, is an effort well made, and an efficacious one as well.

Just as the energies of heat have moved down into the planetary entity that is your Earth, also the energies of cooperation, love, unity, understanding and communication can aid greatly. We would also note in this wise that many of those who have achieved graduation from your third density at this time, within the last thirty of your years, have begun to return as those who have seen this pattern clearly and whose hearts have gone out to the planet itself. Many of those whom you call the “indigo children” are those who are focused perhaps more upon healing the Earth than upon bringing the population as a whole to graduation.

It is not that they feel that the Earth must be cleaned up before they can go on. It is that they see this karmic residue and wish to fulfill that karma with the balancing energies of love and affection for the planet that remove the self forever from the wheel of that particular karma.


Note: The same session also contain another gem regarding humility and pride, but I better create another thread to discuss such topic.


That fits to the increasing earthquakes and vulcanic activity.

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really wonderful post Quid. Lightens up what I have often felt as a sheer intense love for Gaia, seeming even sometimes bordering the ridiculous, lol.

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Professor Valentina Zharkova - on Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum: Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate - YouTube

Since June 8, 2020, we have entered The Grand Solar Minimum according to Professor Valentinal Zharkova. See this article for a better explanation at Professor Valentina Zharkova: "We entered the 'modern' Grand Solar Minimum on June 8, 2020" -- Science & Technology --

I find it very comforting to know that any of us can send some love to the Earth and make a significant contribution towards healing this build-up of disorganized heat energy.

I’m also disappointed to see negative entities, while very cleverly appearing positive, using the concept of climate change to enrich themselves and further their agenda of increasing authoritarian control over others.

On the physical side, David Wilcock had presented NASA’s own data showing that the temperature of ALL planets of our solar system are increasing, and that our solar system was moving into a region of space with a much denser energy structure. I had assumed this is related to moving into a position/alignment where 4D energies are dominant.

MonAmie and dpiddy, welcome here… :grinning:

Here is a nice (german) site about wheather control:
Specially the list of patents is very impressive:

tadeus, Q’uo agrees with you:

Indeed, the heat of the anger, the heat and destructive nature of the bellicose actions, these energies are embedded within the crust of your planet’s surface, and are at this time being released in a, shall we say, periodic fashion through the volcanic eruptions, through the earthquakes, and through the general release of heat in a more intense fashion which has created what you would call the global warming effect. (2016-0917)

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Quid, thank you for posting Q’uo’s words on global warming. What makes climate change particularly interesting in this individual’s eyes are the attempts by humans to discuss the causes of climate change, particularly among scientists and activists.

The vast majority of climate scientists are firm proponents of metaphysical naturalism. As such, in their eyes, the primary rational explanation for climate change is the “greenhouse effect” causing increased planetary temperatures due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions over the past hundred-or-so years. Significant practical issues exist with this theory, but most scientists are unwilling to seriously consider those issues because an explanation for climate change, in their eyes, must arise from third-density material elements, and the greenhouse effect aligns best with the data. Moreso, I believe David Wilcock’s presentation of the NASA planetary temperature data (as dpiddy so helpfully remarks) will be dismissed by the vast majority of climate scientists upon an initial hearing simply because it conflicts with the doctrine of “scientism.”

On the other side, climate activists are less focused on the theory behind climate change and are more focused on stopping efforts which they perceive are hurting the planet. Note that these activists are still grounded in metaphysical naturalism. Some climate activists passionately argue for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, elimination of the usage of fossil fuels, and other attempts to address the material conditions of the planet. Certain individuals attempt to raise awareness of climate change, such as the more radical individuals who deface artwork or affix themselves to large objects.

What I find interesting about these two groups is that they firmly believe they’re fighting to address climate change, and they do in certain ways. However, as noted by Q’uo, their approaches clearly do not address the root causes of climate change. Their approaches may lead to tangible benefits for humanity, particularly due to decreases in pollution, but those are not climate change itself.

I wonder how many of those impassioned activists are consciously aware of the more complete explanation for climate change. I also wonder how many climate scientists are unwilling to challenge the “climate status quo” simply because their research products are expected by the broader scientific community to conform to a materialist hypothesis, particularly because climate research is awash with funding. The dogmatism currently present in climate change discussions exist because a metaphysical naturalist worldview continues to persist, at least in a manner which does not accept the types of energies discussed by Q’uo as valid. I pray that, as humanity continues to awaken to that new reality, the old dogmatism will fall away, and a more compassionate discussion of climate change may begin.

Sorry, but in this case the “destructive nature of the bellicose actions” are the reason for the climate change and not human influence in a technical way.

Besides we really don’t know if there is a global warming.
What we can see is a change in the climate and there is a good reason to believe, that there is a targeted manipulation part of it.

Stephen. I so agree… These bellicose traits are what has been the issue with Mars, Atlantis and so on, in probably many other planets who might’ve had them in third density.