My public domain images for my synopsis

I’m writing a synopsis and reference for the Ra Material and made some images for it to make it less bland. These images are free to modify and redistribute.

Some might disagree but the violet ray is the aura and not a distinct energy center like the others in the Ra Material. This diagram also shows some minor centers described by Ra. Ra also describes some surrounding the body but I don’t know where to plot those.

[AI Gen] Depicting balancing love with light.

[AI Gen] depicting meditation on polarity

Diagram illustrating points along the densities. The “dimension constraint” glyph depicts the intertwined nature of space and time.

[AI Gen] Egyptian, with weird right hand, working with the tarot

[AI Gen] You are dancing thoughts

[AI Gen] I generated images for all of energy centers but this one is pretty impressive and really exudes root energy.

[AI Gen] This one also seems very apt.

[AI Gen] Artistic rendition of red metallic ovoid Orion craft

[AI Gen] Artistic rendition of Ra. I thought it was very fitting to have the ET meditate next to a pyramid LOL

[AI Gen] This is one of the more attractive images I generated.


Some of these images, are really beautiful and intriguing graphics! Thank you for them.

I did a quick review of Q’uo for violet ray. Q’uo announces that there is a violet ray energy center, but it actually has a completely different function than the other energy centers.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Each entity within each dimension is a Logos in miniature. Each entity, therefore, has within it, the crown, shall we say, which rests upon the head of the One Infinite Creator of the violet-ray energy center.

Within this entity, the crown of the One Infinite Creator, in all its power and potential, then, rests, awaiting the movement of love through the energy centers in a fashion that excites the light of each energy center, the light that is reflected in the colors of red through violet, the light that allows a greater and greater expression of intelligent energy, or love, through each energy center, so that the mind/body/spirit complex is then able, in some fashion, in each moment of its existence, to express a portion of the One Infinite Creator’s desire to know itself. January 18, 2020 - Saturday meditation - L/L Research

To finish our rainbow we add the violet-ray energy center or crown chakra. This center is a reading or readout of the state of the expressing energies of the entity, and does not do work in and of itself. It functions as an up-to-the-minute report of the status of the blended energies of the entity. March 21, 1993 - Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 14 - L/L Research


Thank you for the diagram :slight_smile:


I have said something misleading. It is an energy center but it surrounds the whole, the other centers filter the energies of the center column of the violet ray (in the Ra Material). And yes, it is read-only and can’t be worked with like the other centers.

I haven’t found anything suggesting that it is localized above the head of the entity. The transcripts I’ve seen of “the crown being above the head” is are symbolical but not literal.

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So lovely ⚘⚘⚘

Ty for sharing :heartbeat:

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No problem, one post does not immediately require us to present all our knowledge :slight_smile:

I could use a review of the material… For the moment, in my conviction violet ray energy center is fixed to the body, specifically to the top of the head, and corresponds to the 7th Density.

And the crown, the white crown above the head, I imagine as the “center” corresponding to the 8th Density, which encloses everything and is such a ceiling as well as a foundation for everything, since everything comes from it, including the Creator, whom I place in the 7th Density.

In my imagination, the 8th Density resembles white light passing through a prism (prism represents our consciousness). The prism refracts this white light, creating seven distinct colors, each corresponding to the seven levels of Density and encompassing/create all existing life/creation.

With the 8 Density and the “center” corresponding to it, we have no direct connection, although further it is some infinite and mysterious part of ourselves, and nothing is really beyond us.

With the 7 Density we contact through the violet ray energy center. And the way I see it is that we don’t directly do work on this center, but it is a center that if there is an adequate supply of energy through direct work on the 6 lower centers, then there is contact with the Creator (through that 7th center), except that this contact is beyond our control, it just is if the Creator decides to give us something.

I think he does it all the time with his gentle voice. It is important to open up to this “voice”, to work on these 6 lower centers (lower than 7th). However, we in no way make changes on this center. It expresses us, and the Creator (or just our other part, which is the Creator) simply responds to it.

It takes a very careful look at the verbiage. I have a separate document dedicated to this theory. I am still going to look through the conscious channelling archives before presenting this to the forum, and I need to look into EM fields since they are described as the physical analogs to metaphysical fields.


Do you mean the verbiage or ray centres theory?

Both. A document with transcripts with notes on the verbiage.

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Awaiting for the presenting :slight_smile:

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Those are really beautiful! I especially like the chakra pictures :green_heart: They resonate with me as well.

Once years ago, I believe around 2001, a friend of mine and myself were stargazing and since I was taking astronomy (and had the highest grade in the class) I arrogantly took it upon myself to explain where constellations were and discussed red giants, quasars, pulsars… Etc. Then she says, “What’s that?” with a knowing smirk on her face. I began to say that it was Aldebaran… But then it began to move horizontally.

I couldn’t explain that. The next thing we knew, after the red dot disappeared, there was a golden glowing oval-diamond shape, unlike anything I’d ever seen before… And it was close! We saw it moving away so we jumped in the car and started following the glowing oval. It was easy to keep up with for about a minute and then it just shot off into the distance, & boom. Gone.

10 minutes later as she neared my home to drop me off, her brand new car stalls out. It wouldn’t do anything, it was kinda like a dead battery, but we still had lights and stuff. My friend got out of the car, I stayed in. She was approached by my neighbor that was a mechanic… He didn’t have a clue as to what it was.

As they were under the hood, while inside the car I witnessed the car start to make strange beeping sound sequences like Morse code or something. The mechanic just stared in disbelief and amazement. Then offered to tow it to the house.

After the neighbor unhooked the car and left, my friend says, “Let me see if it will start one more time before I call my husband to come over.” And the car cranked over, never had an issue like that again.

That’s one of many sightings I’ve experienced while living in the Four Corners in Bloomfield, New Mexico. I’ve been searching a very long time for like minded individuals who want to live by the Law of One and be Light/Love, Love/Light!

I can’t wait to learn more! Sending lots of love and positive energy to you all :sparkling_heart:


As for the diagram, maybe it’s worth to split these densities. But I don’t know how to display it.

57.33 The space/time and time/space distinctions, as you understand them, do not hold sway except in third density. However, fourth, fifth, and to some extent, sixth, work within some system of polarized space/time and time/space.

About diagram again. I’m not sure, but maybe Ra and Latwii should be pointed in the time/space, but not in the space/time?