Meta bring4th thread

Mods - I couldn’t find an appropriate subforum for this topic.

And actually, that is part of why I wanted to post this thread.

I really appreciated the meta-forum at the old spot. A place where we could talk about the forum itself. Literally for topics like this.

I also am surprised to see there’s no archetype forum for discussion on the archetypes, especially considering how prominent it is in the later volumes of the series/conversation.

I would really love to see an archetype forum. I know it wasn’t really posted in too much at our old spot, but it was kinda buried. It would make me really happy to see more of an emphasis on that, maybe put it under the main LoO subforum? I know part of it comes down to engagement on the part of members, so it would kind of require everyone to dive a bit deeper into that too in some waysz

Anyways, just wanted to air this out. Thanks

I’ve had the Trickster archetype on my mind recently, because I don’t have a clear understanding of it and then I see this, so thanks. I’ll second your request for an archetypes.

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Remember you can still go to the old forum and search keywords like “the trickster” “the fool” “the choice” (all essentially the same archetype AFAIK) To find old threads about these topics. I’m always searching stuff on the archives

Thanks, appreciate it.