Is “letting go” a function of the green ray?

By “letting go” I essentially mean the psychic equivalent of dropping a book on the floor.

Otherwise, title! Will edit if I think of more

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I think it begins with and center around green-ray yes.

Letting go is an aspect of it. But I believe keeping it balanced is where all the magic lies.

Sometimes that requires letting go, sometimes it requires holding on. It all depends on what your heart needs to feel at home.

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Reaching 8th density will be the ultimate “Mic Drop”.
Thus it’s more of inbuilt function of consciousness.
Tired of being online, logged out, tired of talking, mic drop.
Every ‘soul’ / ‘entity’ is basically a finite consciousness, thus it has it’s limit / boundary.

Here’s a good depiction from Quo about “Surrender”.


This is the best explanation of third density I’ve ever read.

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What is? The quote above your reply?

That is such a lovely meditation Quid on third Density, thank you…

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