I Will Visualize and Interpret Your Dreams


I have about 500 dreams that I’ve recorded over the past few years and I would like to visualize and interpret them as best as I can for you all. If you would like me to do the same for your dreams, I do take requests. I’ve been thinking about what I could do to serve others, and since I have a background in art and computer animation, I think this would be a good outlet for me. If a lot of people want this service, I may start taking donations.

Anyway, to start it off, here’s a dream that I had last night:


I look out into the distance and I see a snake, perhaps a cobra. The environment is dark and I thought, “I am that snake. That snake represents me.”

Perhaps this is because I was watching “Cobra Kai” with my parents and also thinking about Shiva and his snake. Perhaps it means that I am as perceptive as a snake.

That is impressive to have connected with 500 dreams. What have you learned… as in what are you being guided to?

I have interpreted my own dreams in two ways. I have tried to think I knew what they were talking about just by looking at them but found that I was never able to connect with a message. I researched dream dictionaries and found one that made a lot of sense because it is based on the symbolic representation of most things.

For instance, you only talk about the snake because that seemed to be the focus in the dream but you are missing information. Everything else in the dream also has some significance. What is distance? Something closer is easier to understand whereas as something further away is not. The same could be said about night and day. What we see at night lacks what we can see clearly in the day. Your perception of the snake is one-sided. All snakes do what naturally> they trap their prey so it can be consumed more easily. Cobras more specifically have what in common? Well for one I always think of the snake charmers who are hypnotizing the cobras but we can settle on the hood of the snake that opens. What you saw in your dreams is for you to relate to the waking day. Since I do not live your life I will never connect with what the dream is saying unless you share what is currently happening in your life.

The main thing that I learned during all my dreams and contemplations was the difference between wanting to be Infinite or Finite. Spiritual seekers on Earth are pining away for Infinity and wanting to be done with their Earth lessons. But when we get to the other side, eventually we want to return to incarnational life to experience more of ourselves. It’s a classic case of “The grass is greener on the other side.” The lesson? Appreciate where you are and offer gratitude for what you have.

I realized that the only reason why we incarnate is to experience NEW things so that when we return to Intelligent Infinity, we have new things to enjoy. But each of us doesn’t want to do new things, we want other entities to innovate and invent for us. And when something is done once, Intelligent Infinity remembers it forever. So we don’t have to repeat the same old crap over and over again. Intelligent Infinity must actually get bored with that.

Another thing I realized was that there will always be new things to learn, or in other words, the unconscious will always exist. I also thought that the unconscious may contain suffering. I became worried about unconsious suffering because I believe it to be infinite. So I believe that the purpose of life is to continually expand into the unconscious by doing new things and then transform suffering into joy through the use of unconditional love and wisdom.

I also realized that Intelligent Infinity doesn’t enjoy it when it’s finite portions suffer. Because when we suffer, it suffers since all is one. But Intelligent Infinity doesn’t want to violate free will by forcing its members to NOT suffer. There has to be a group effort to end suffering where the Infinite portions and the Finite portions work together to evolve without suffering. I also realized that the only justified suffering is the suffering entailed in ending suffering.

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I’m back at my High School in English class and there is a tree growing out of the floor, a hedge tree that I used to climb on when I was little. The tree doesn’t have many leaves on it. My classmates are all in their chairs and reading out of our English book.

I know the reason why the tree didn’t have many leaves on it. It was because of a Ginseng plant that I didn’t water for a while and it lost all its leaves. I’ve had dreams about trees recently. Perhaps it means that I have planted seeds in the past within the subconscious that are only now growing up tall enough to be noticeable.


I’m walking around with my family in a dense forest where the tops of the trees formed a canopy that was the floor of the world above (we were underground). We were lost and wandering aimlessly. I climbed the trees to emerge in the world above and saw that we were right next to our house.

Wandering through a forest may indicate not knowing what career I should pursue. Climbing a tree can mean that I’m going to be going through a successful period where all my goals will be met. The tree layer below the ground can mean that I’m wandering through the subconscious when I dream.


I’m outside on my parent’s property and it’s winter with snow all over the ground. I’m running along, following a horse and then I become a horse. (Now there are two horses, the other one being my dad). There’s this lamb that’s in front of me and I gallop towards it to eat it, but it evades me to the right. I make another pass at it and miss it. It keeps evading me and I get more and more frustrated.

I was talking with my dad yesterday about how I like lamb (particularly at Jerusalem Café), but I can’t eat it because I’m pescatarian. Perhaps chasing a lamb that evades me means that I’m pursuing something that I feel like I should avoid.