Having a forum is not necessary (and potentially harmful) for your spiritual path

Everyone in the forum is telling you what they think of L/L’s information. This is dangerous because you can easily get disoriented, not knowing that your own context of interpretation is more important than others’ interpretations.

Quoting Q’uo:

Spiritual information is sensitive to context and environment. You cannot simply take the world by the throat and say, “Listen to me. I have information that is helpful.” Those who force information on others are acting in a way that they feel is helpful, yet, in effect, it is service to self, for they are teaching what they believe is good for you without regard to what you think about it or how you react to it.

Therefore, I feel like a forum is unnecessary for this type of spiritual seeking, since it can only cause problems by making your fellow seeker listen in a way that you believe is helpful. This will be a stumbling block on your path.

This is a question of what you are searching in the forum?

Dangerous ?
I don’t see any danger.

Having said that I agree that forum is not necessary/mandatory and even reading quo/ra material is also not necessary/mandatory. As spiritual path will be walked in any case uniquely by each entity. Thus each path is guaranteed to be unique yet the endling of the path is the same.

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Sometimes seekers simply wish to ask other’s opinions on a subject. I think a forum is helpful. But of course I wouldn’t be here if I thought otherwise. :slight_smile:


I strongly disagree, for the most part … Yes, I agree that forums are, strictly speaking, “unnecessary” for spiritual development, but I totally disagree that they can only do harm.

I have, indeed, found that – especially when I first made an account and started reading here a month or two ago – I had several instances where certain things that others posted did not resonate with me, and in fact, downright bothered me. Certain concepts, certain ways of thinking, just seemed to grate me, and the certitude with which they were presented made me, frankly, a little bit depressed.

What I found is that eventually, rather than withdrawing or pulling out of reading – which I considered doing at times, when these things were really getting to me – I instead began to seriously contemplate exactly what it was about these concepts and viewpoints that were so discordant to me. This, in the end, led to some really big, really intense spiritual realizations (I believe) that I am still in the process of, well, processing. That would not have happened if I had not joined and begun reading these forums.

So, yeah. I don’t post much, and I have yet to post any of the things that I have concluded based upon my deeper meditations that arose from these seemingly discordant ideas. However, I can safely say that I would not have come to these pretty big conclusions if this forum was not here. The ideas were stumbling blocks at first – until I realized how to use them as building blocks instead. :wink: I would not have come to these much bigger realizations were it not for the forum, so I am grateful for its existence if for that reason alone.


A forum has the advantage to get to know different views / the understanding of others about something (like the channeling material) and to be able to discuss it.

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Kind of in support of the OP, I offer the following to say that one should be circumspect about what one expects to receive from an interaction such as one may find on an internet forum. Specifically, one should understand that interactions below the level of the heart offer opportunities to mirror and balance self, but have little real sharing of energies. And energies from the heart or above are not the most common form of sharing in most contexts, I would say.

This excerpt is from a very interesting session----if you’re into this sort of stuff.

The lower chakras, having to do with the self, its survival issues, its sexuality, its relationships with self and other selves personally, and its relationship with groups, are all energies that may seem to be in need of balancing and clearing so that they are neither under-activated nor over-activated. But one cannot share energy between red ray and red ray, or orange ray, or yellow ray.

One may impress those energies upon another self, and because of the strength of your energy system, it is possible for energy to be impressed from you to another person, or for another person to impress you with their energy. It is, however, an overlay. It is time-bound in its effect and will wear off naturally. Many of your faith healers, so called, are those who are healing either from the orange or the yellow-ray chakra and they are impressing their understanding and their environment upon another. Those who are able to accept those impressions are able to experience quite a bit of release from various ailments for a certain time period. However, in every case where it is at the level below the heart, those energies will not persevere and will fade away naturally.

Only when one moves into the open heart can one begin to share energy; to exchange energy with another; to give love and to receive love. The great blessing of opening the heart and keeping it open is that, working from the open heart, all of the functions of the lower energy centers are recreated as sacred.

I don’t see a whole lot of cases of people trying to impress others with their vibrations, but some. Mostly I see random squirts of red, orange and yellow energies falling on the pages, kinda like a Jackson Pollack painting…ha ha.

In any event, if the forum serves your higher purposes, then for you that’s a positive thing, it seems to me.

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When the beta state will end?

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This depiction might be related to the topic.

False Light Deception (What is the False Light?)

The ‘danger’ (so to speak, if we choose that word) is having a perception that we are ‘weak’ and we depend on some ‘savior’ for our ‘salvation’. Or the reverse, we are that ‘savior’, and we are on our ‘holy crusade’ to ‘save the powerless’. Thus in order to maintain our ‘savior’ status, the powerless must remain powerless. #hierarchy #ego

Such perception is actually quite common and can be found either “on the internet” or “off the internet”, “on the web forum” or “off the web forum”, “on the physical” or even “on the astral”.

Yet ‘recognizing such pattern’ (which some calls it as ‘deception’) is also among the experience within one’s spiritual path.

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