Your Private Messages Could Be Read By the Staff

I requested my account be deleted this morning. I got a reply from Patrick within 30 min, who just suggested I disable my account and put myself on “away.”

Before confirming this, I exported all my data from my time on the boards. You can do this here:

I decided to check the data out before deciding what to do with my account, and was absolutely f*cking horrified to discover they had our personal PMs saved with our regular forum posts.

Why would this ever be necessary to be programmed like this? Even if they didn’t “program” the way discourse runs their forums, they chose this platform after the original Bring4th shut down. Could they not spy on our messages on the original Bring4th so they switched platforms?

Why not make it so those PMs stay private? Why are they being archived with the forum posts? If they are grouped like that, then I guarantee they are being read by somebody.

I noticed this happened this year when a PM between me and another member was flagged and Patrick jumped on to “moderate” the message. I thought, “that’s odd, why can a moderator look at or being involved in a message exchange at all?”

Your PMs are not private at all. You are being watched.

There are some shady things going on behind the scenes of this whole organization and its time to walk away for good.

If this is how L/L is run, or represented, then we want nothing to do with it.

Watch how fast this post either gets deleted or buried… but I hope that anyone who does see this post before it’s gone realizes that you are not safe or protected in this environment.

Please stay safe out there, love and light to you all moving forward. There is enough manipulation in the world, “spiritual communities” should not behave in this way.

There is no concept of private messages within the Discourse platform. Instead “messages” are non-public threads which are visible to those invited in the thread by members who already have access to such a non-public thread.

Posts in such non-public threads can be flagged by members and indeed the moderators can then see those threads. We say this clearly in our forum guidelines:

For “private” communications, it is best to use other means, such as emails.


As we said in the Navy, Fair Winds and Following Seas. I haven’t been here for long, but I liked your posts.

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I took a look at the guidelines. Look what I found!!!

17) Member Issues & Stewards Support

In order to avoid public dispute, we ask that you discuss issues with other members using the PM system if all parties are in agreement, with the understanding that PMs are not monitored or moderated. If you require mediation with another member then contact a steward or staff. If you feel that another member has targeted you, then please contact us or flag the post.

Oh Patrick… :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can you or can you not see them? This is very contradictory…

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I took it to mean that moderators have the authority to respond to reports of harasment that members may receive through the personal messaging system.

Depending on the content of the reported message the moderator would have the responsibility of protecting the members they are hosting.

Either by banning the offender or de-escalating the situation between the two members.

Without this ability to transparently view possibly offensive messages between members the staff here would not be able to do their duties.

Which is to host a platform for honest and well intentioned discussion surrounding the law of one and similar topics.

I do not think any moderators or in fact any staff should or do in fact have wholesale access to all messages that occure privately between members here.

That would be blatantly unethical and a breach of privacy and trust.


I give everyone the favoritism “hearts” not because I favor anyone’s speech or point of view here.

I just feel that everyone need some hearts in this.

Much love and light :green_heart: :sun_with_face:


how are ya Jayce !

Thank you for the heart Jayce and peace to you :sunny:


Hearts for everyone!!! :black_heart: :white_heart: :heart: :brown_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart:


Thank you for catching this. A lot of the guidelines were copied from the previous incarnation of Bring4th. So I will change this part to reflect our new reality.