What is so negative about the intelligent/rational/logic mind?

The Confederation has once said something to the effect that the rational mind has to be sacrificed or something like that. It is of my opinion that without the intelligent minds of many engineers/scientists, we would still be stuck at a somewhat barbaric society without free time or free agency to do anything other than those to be done for the purpose of survival. And in mordern society, without people fuctioning, by virtue of using their intelligent mind, in various fields, our life would become a living hell. Just think of a situation where your drinking water becomes heavily polluted by some chemicals that are supposed to purify the water but somehow failed(let’s say, the operator just forgot a necessary step) because of someone’s incompetency caused due to their lack of rational mind. I can enumerate endless similar scenerios.

And another question can also be asked: Why are sensual things also in general negative? I want to live a life where I can BOTH share my unconditional love AND have some sensual pleasure AND have a sound and rational mind. Maybe this just indicates that I am in the indifferent sinkhole.


For as each entity begun its experience in the first density of simple awareness, and having moved through this timeless experience into the second density of gaining the seeking and movement towards the light, this process of individuation, of moving seemingly away from the complete unity with all things, then gains its zenith within third density where the great intellectual ability is sacrificed, shall we say, by those who would open their hearts to the one Creator and Its creation.

This is the quote I am referring to. Sunday meditation

I believe they mean that we must accept that some things will not make sense and yet be true. So these particular aspects must be taken on faith alone. But the logical mind per se is not to be rejected in any way. Like everything else, it must be accepted as it is. For being the very useful tool that it is. It is just a matter of accepting that it cannot provide all the answers. It is most useful when paired with our intuition. Both working together to give us the best overall picture.


I think this quote is appropriate here:

49.4 Ra: I am Ra. The lobes of your physical complex brain are alike in their use of weak electrical energy. The entity ruled by intuition and impulse is equal to the entity governed by rational analysis when polarity is considered. The lobes may both be used for service to self or service to others. It may seem that the rational or analytical mind might have more of a possibility of successfully pursuing the negative orientation due to the fact that, in our understanding, too much order is by its essence negative. However, this same ability to structure abstract concepts and to analyze experiential data may be the key to rapid positive polarization. It may be said that those whose analytical capacities are predominant have somewhat more to work with in polarizing.

The function of intuition is to inform intelligence. In your illusion the unbridled predominance of intuition will tend to keep an entity from the greater polarizations due to the vagaries of intuitive perception. As you may see, these two types of brain structure need to be balanced in order that the net sum of experiential catalyst will be polarization and illumination, for without the acceptance by the rational mind of the worth of the intuitive faculty the creative aspects which aid in illumination will be stifled.

There is one correspondence between right and left and positive and negative. The web of energy which surrounds your bodies contains somewhat complex polarizations. The left area of the head and upper shoulder is most generally seen to be of a negative polarization whereas the right is of positive polarization, magnetically speaking. This is the cause of the tone’s meaning for you.


I don’t think reason is strictly lacking in any way.

After all, God is ultimately all of these beautiful dynamics. “Triangles”, for exemple, as we model it, that express God’s potential as equations!

Reason is the final step of that world which we live in.

Honestly, there’s nothing in reason to say “You shall serve others”, but that’s not so important.

The “battle between reason and love”.
It’s stupid.

Millions suffer from so many things it would break your heart.

But, you have power to change this.
You can change this whole world we live in.
You have the power to help everyone!

You have the power to be a light yourself, without any communities or guides.
You are the light of life.

You know what I am saying, right?
Start around you!
Throw away the stuff you don’t use any longer.

Magic is better than dark.
However that dark.
So shine with me.
Let your light shine.
God wills it!

A new world awaits you. You don’t need this smart piece of metal to get there.
Follow your highest dreams. Show the world!


I appreciate your post. The balance and interplay between intelligence and intuition is a tricky one for me. I find when I’m using my intellect to try to control (“too much order” --from @Oleksii 's post/quote) instead of process and integrate the lessons I’m given (“analyze experiential data”) it genuinely knocks me off balance…usually presenting as anxiety and fear.

Just curious, is this something you’ve come across in the confederation material?


@MelissaMiller, may I add my opinion here? Indeed intellect is inclined to put in order. When you order things and understand how it’s working then you can use it. And it’s not necessarily you need to use this understanding for controlling. You can use the obtained understanding for acceptance. It’s like “ah, OK, this is how it works, now I understand and accept it”.

46.9 Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst.

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Thoughful opinions are always welcome :).

I should clarify, I was speaking to patterns I’ve noticed in myself–where I have used intellect as a shield or distraction. An improper use of the tool of intellect so that I can (unconsciously) control my experience, and avoid the process of experiencing emotions and working toward understanding and acceptance.


According to my understanding of the Confederation, there is nothing negative about rationality and logical thinking per se. Rationality and the ability to think logically and objectively is connected to the work of the blue ray center, which can be referred to the throat chakra also.

The blue ray center can work in conjunction with the heart chakra (green ray center) or outside the support of the heart center.

If the blue ray center works without the support of the green ray center, then one will be able to draw logical conclusions using the principles of correct reasoning. Also he will be able to collect various data and draw conclusions from this data. Will be able to create a synthesis of different volumes knowledge.

In other words, one operating with open blue ray center and closed green ray center will be able to function as an efficient machine.

However, in other case, in case we are dealing with someone who operates on the basis of the blue ray center and has an active green ray center also, then such individual goes beyond being an efficient machine and instead of “processing knowledge” one opens up to reality as it is, the intellect becomes a spiritual tool enlightenment and opening up to the truth about all that can come in the form of information and understanding, as something that goes beyond only just “gaining and applying knowledge.”

A good example of someone having open green and blue ray center would be, for example, building very deep and abstract thinking around the idea of being One. Such a person will be able to realize that he is a different form of another person, and that the other person is a different form of himself, and that they are in fact One. And on that basis, such individual will take further rational steps, logically consistent based on this inferred thesis of being One with other humans.

Someone that will have closed green ray center and will operate solely on the basis of the blue ray center (going beyond green ray center), will consider idea of One as irrational, it will be irratonal for hhim to see others as other selves. He will come to the logical conclusion that he has no connection to other people on a spiritual level and will try to prove it, giving reasonable reasons for doing so.

Generally, there is nothing negative about intelligence/rationality/logic. The negativity lays in the great temptation to skip the green ray center and start a “logical and objective” inference based on initial assumptions or “scientific basis” (not on green ray center basis) that finally the human being as a spiritual being will be reduced to an efficient machine instead of the intelligent and loving conscious one.

You’ve suggested things to yourself: you wrote “share” in regard to “unconditional love” and “have” regard “pleasure.”

If we refer it to the STO/STS dichotomy, then as you have noticed “unconditional love” is linked to “sharing” and this can be applied to STO (Service to Others). When feeling of physical pleasure is combined with the “having” of these sensations, and this can be combined with STS (Service to Self).

And so you see… “sensual things” in relation to spiritual work that the Confederation presents to us are “generally negative”, due to the fact that the higher realities to which we develop spiritually are inherently STO, and the lower ones related to physicality are STS.

Therefore, even if it is natural to feel physical pleasure, we are gradually obliged to choose more spiritual activities than physical ones if we choose to develop towards higher positively polarized planes of existence.

They are speaking, of course, from their own vantage point outside our particular illusion, so their view will be different from ours.

This topic is addressed many times in Confederation materials. One salient point is that rationality is quite useful for informing us about what occurs within the illusion, but it is a poor tool for showing us the larger context. Just look at traditional religions. Much of their content is revelations offered by a very few turned into endless rules and biases propagated by others based upon rational extension of the revelations. In other words, if you want to know about physics, use your intellect; if you want to understand metaphysics, travel through the roots of mind to touch to Origin of Being.

In this sense, the intellect is “sacrificed,” not permanently, but it is set aside while one shifts from outward focus of 3D and slides into the inner wisdom of the heart. Intellect can always be called back in after one has made this transition of identity.

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You are correct, Mirror. I agree with you. After second thoughts, I come into a new perspective about his topic.

The Confederation said that the universe is a big stage with us being actors on it. And I think the plot is being generated and updated in real time in accordance with every co-creation we have created. I personally more and more realize that everything will indeed happen in DUE time. And I will stick to the topic of intellect to explain this feeling of things happening in due time.

I think the intellect that they suggest to sacrifice means the second-density biocomputer brain intellects that can only do third density reasoning(and in higher-densities, maybe the spiritual reasonings are to be done by the analytical part of the consciousness, or maybe the combination of the analytical part of the consciousness and higher-density brains, I am just purely speculating here).

And so how are we to reconcile this sacrifice with the fact that disastrous reasults may entail from this sacrifice? I think this is where the plot constructed by intelligent infinity is at work. Everything will come in due time and all is well. For those that choose to, at a rather earlier time in third density cycle, sacrfice the intellect and enter into the heart, they will not have to(and they will also not choose to), in order to make a living, be in a job where many people’s lives are dependant upon the biocomputer brain of this seeker. Maybe they will have to do a grind work with meager payment. And I think this may also to a certain degree explain the rapid advancement of the AI technology recently. Because much more people are opening thier hearts recently, the Creator intends to offer more opportunities for sacrificing their third-density brain intellects and at the same time in order to maintain the society without disastrous results. And I think if all of humanity choose to collectively enter into the heart, then the technology(or rather, technological knowledge) will advance to such a degree that no man will have to work and even the food can be gotten by pure thinking.

And I think they also have implied(though not very clearly) in the quote I quoted that intellect is a tool for individuating to its zenith and then, at this zenith, we have to choose to continue individuating or take a turn and uniting with the Creator and the Creation. And I think maybe this also implies that biocomputer brain intellects play a large part in the formation of the so-called “self-consciousness” in third density.

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Kind of :grinning: but also based partly on my intellectual deductions. First, they have said something to the effect that most of the negative thoughts in third density come from the sensuos stimuli but they also said BEING also has a sensuous and intimate aspect(though I really could not imagine what being is like, let alone the sensuous aspect of it). Second, the Confederation has also said, based on my memory, that nearly all aspects of negative time/space or realms are the exact opposite of positive realms. And the Confederation always stress the importance of meditation and silence, so I presume and deduct from the foregoing that the negative social memory complex must be something like a technocracy post-modern dystopia with highly advanced technology and intense sensuous stimuli. Just my pure speculation. @MelissaMiller

I’d appreciate some quotations!

I highly doubt any Confederation source has suggested “sacrificing” the rational mind. Though I could be wrong

Also, you sound very sure that “sensual things” (like what?) are “in general negative”. What does that mean to you?


It would still be reasonable, relative to this problem, to recall the essence of:

  • positively polarized knowledge
  • negatively polarized knowledge

Positively polarized knowledge would refers to knowledge that is aligned with love, compassion, unity, and the service to others. It is knowledge that is focused on the well-being and upliftment of all beings and seeks to promote harmony, growth, and understanding. - The pursuit of such knowledge can be related to the positive use of intelligent/rationality/logic.

Negatively polarized knowledge would refers to service to self, control, manipulation, and the pursuit of power over others. It represents knowledge that prioritizes personal gain and gratification at the expense of others or disregards the interconnectedness and well-being of all beings. - The pursuit of such knowledge can be referred to the negative use of intelligent/rationality/logic.

Thanks. If you find some quotes that reflect your conclusions, I hope you share them. It may help get to heart of the matter. For example, from what I’ve read, the Confederation doesn’t give specific guidelines on “how to meditate”. I find it easiest to meditate by going deeper into the senses–physical sensations–breath, touch, sound. Going beyond the senses through the senses. The senses can be a path not necessarily an obstacle.


Does Confederation also think so? From my point of view knowledge is not polarized but the only way it’s being used.

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I found this in channeling from Q’uo. However, I have trouble finding it, maybe directly words like: “Positively polarized knowledge” never came up, however I remembered it that way.

Generally, as I remember it, Q’uo talked about recognizing the polarity that a given knowledge has, whether a given knowledge has the welfare of others in mind, whether it seeks a balanced distribution of goodness, whether it contains love. It was about grasping the meaning of a given body of knowledge for what it is and what is the purpose of why something was written and given to others.

And so, on the contrary, if there was talk of the negative polarization of a given piece of knowledge, suggestions were also made to learn to recognize whether a given piece of knowledge in such a way tends to spread division, initiate elitism, teach to manipulate others or seek power.

An example: Positively polarized knowledge would be a book that contains a collection of stories showing how the main character, by appealing to love and oneness, finds a number of ways to deal with various situations in his life. Positively polarized knowledge, in other words, is knowledge that clearly shows by its content that it was written for a positive purpose, to raise positive polarization in the reader, and only such content is there.

An example of negatively polarized knowledge, on the other hand, would be a book on how to effectively use persuasion and manipulation techniques to make more sales. The purpose and content of this book was clearly shown, this is for someone who wants to learn how to manipulate for personal gain and to focus on this fully. So this kind of knowledge would be negatively polarized knowledge.

I will frankly admit that I have ONLY ONCE encountered the concept of positively and negatively polarized knowledge (or words very close in meaning) in channeling of Confederation. If I find the passage, I will share it.

Consequently, I concluded that there is no negativity in intelligence or logic, what matters is what kind of knowledge we are going for. And as for the fact that I can’t find this piece of channeling, and I only remember stumbling upon it at one point in channeling I have read, it may come from the fact that examples of positive and negatively polarized knowledge are very rare, and we are dealing with knowledge that is neutral in nature and can be used for positive or negative purposes.

Positively polarized knowledge would be that which could only be used for positive purposes (and not negative), negatively polarized knowledge would be that which could be used in negative purposes (and not positive). In the most cases, I believe we are dealing with neutral knowledge and proper utilization of this knowledge raise level of our polarity in positive or negative direction.

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I see, thank you. In this case yes, I agree, it is. But I look from the point of view that the book of manipulation you mentioned is information about how they are going to manipulate. So knowing it helps in positive way. It reminds me bible story about apple on a tree. But even Ra materials, they give much information on the service to self understanding.


You are absolutely right. I went a little too far forward in my conclusions.

In fact, it makes more sense to say that polarized knowledge (positively or negatively), can have its own unique character resulting from the intentions of the author(s) accompanying them in writing the book as well as working on what effect it is supposed to have on readers ultimately. And in such a way, a given book can take on the positively or negatively polarized “spirit.”

As for the use of this knowledge, well, that’s another matter. Positively polarized knowledge about human relationships can help a manipulator better manipulate others by teaching him to feign positive human attitudes and emotions toward others for his own benefit. So positively polarized knowledge can benefit in raising the negative polarity of that individual.

Conversely, negatively polarized knowledge about the manipulation of others may allow an individual to learn to protect himself from being “conquered” by an STS individual using manipulation, and to further share this knowledge with others so that those individuals gain such protection as well. So here we have negatively polarized knowledge, which, as a result, allowed to raise the level of positive polarization of the individual. Even if such book will abound in the direct language and attitude of the author looking like a predator teaching another predator, by that giving to a book negative “spirit.”

That’s how I see it for the moment, and it makes more sense to me.


Now I see I was not fully correct, but see your statement about “positively polarized knowledge” correct. And I’m joining them together.

It depends on level of consciousness compared to the information. My statement about seeing manipulations in book is correct if your level of consciousness is higher than book’s information. I think I can do such comparison. But if your level is lower or you do not put attention on it you don’t see it. In this case it can impact and you don’t see it so it can be called “negatively polarized knowledge”.

And I think it’s even a bit trickier. Because information may contains “positively polarized knowledge” and “negatively polarized knowledge” so it’s also a question what you see: first, second or both. But I cannot state that all information is such, don’t know.

Hope it makes sense.

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