How did love choose to create free will

Assuming that love has to be the first piece in all existence because, without it, how is love created
How did love even choose to create free will?

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" The first action is of free will onto love"
I hope it’s the verbatim quote for us

i will answer you. love is not the first thing that was created in creation. you see, perhaps, to unravel this tangled knot, we need to start from the beginning.

before the creation of infinite universes, we were all inside god. god is an energetic gestalt. what does gestalt mean? it means the paradox of the whole, that is, that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. simply put, god is the sum of infinite consciousnesses, but the whole will be greater than its sum, due to the fact that the unity inside god is extremely strong and intertwined. this is the property of unity.

and the point is that this energetic gestalt is closed in on itself. closed in on itself does not mean that god has nothing more to know or learn something. closed means that god does not know if there is another such energetic gestalt like him. he simply does not feel it and does not realize it, even though infinity is in his domain. and this is the paradox of closedness. we have infinity, but we still may not have information that goes beyond infinity.

initially this gestalt/god was in a state of non-existence, and this did not mean that there was emptiness. although it is difficult to explain in words, but even in non-existence there are “things”. non-existence means such a special state in which you know about your capabilities, but cannot manifest them. that is, roughly speaking, you know that you can run, but you are lying on the bed and have never run in your life. and the point is that materiality began to be created because of this strong desire to run, to feel what it is like to run.

so, we have an infinite number of universes. and you ask, what next?

the point is that the gestalt is greater than the sum of all its parts, and therefore, initially, free will belonged to God, who represented a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. do you get the point? I am getting to the point that God has authority and power over individual consciousnesses, therefore, the primary free will belongs to God. It was God, in the person of the whole, who decided to create infinite universes. I already wrote a post about this, you can find it here, there was talk about solving the problem of “primary agony”. therefore, it is from God that free will comes. and it was God who created and laid this love, and any entity is drawn to this love.

why does every entity reach for love? because such was the solution to the problem of the primary agony. an infinite number of individualized consciousnesses wanted to break out of the non-existence in which the energetic gestalt was, and this desire to break out literally embraced the entire god, gradually causing a feeling of despair. and the way out was to create infinite universes in which entities could express their desire to create. but with one condition, that all these infinite universes would be imbued with an infinite desire for love, with the goal that all these infinite universes would not be destroyed. this is what love was needed for and is still needed for. this is the solution to the agony, although the primary word was for god.

on this forum i discuss this topic a lot, in my last posts you can read about it. i discussed what actually came first behind the fact of creation of materiality? roughly speaking, did god himself want to create universes, or was he forced to create them only because of the problem of primordial agony? but primordial agony, again, appeared precisely because of the needs of separate individual souls, which, ironically, are parts of this same god. it is a closed gestalt, on itself, therefore here in essence two statements are true: the chicken appeared before the egg from it and the egg from this chicken appeared before the chicken. do you understand? it is a paradox, but as far as i know, the whole paradox has a solution within the 8th density/unity of being, because at least the problem of agony was solved. so you can consider that your existence is an order from God himself for you to appear in materiality, and at the same time it will be true to say that it was your order to God for him to release you into materiality.

I hope you got the gist of my thoughts and they were useful to you