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I’m skeptical when I hear people speak as if they communicate with ETs. If this woman could call cat people or whoever to come take out the STS elite, she should simply do it. So often, I read or listen to things that say such “ETs” are gonna. Any day now. Right around the corner… :disappointed:

So, the premise. Frustration that if good ETs are aware of the situation on Earth, they do not intervene in a direct way. I share that frustration.

Earth is not a “new world”, where humans are finding their way for the first time with their free will respected and interference being deterred. Humanity lives in the detritus of two or more advanced civilizations, thousands of years of ET interference, and enslavement and social engineering by an elite occultocracy who has been or maybe has recently become very technologically advanced in addition to their occult knowledge and global influence. This is a rigged playing field.

When does STO become STS? I think a better question is, can we integrate the polarities before 6.5d in a way that is deliberate and is not based on “indifference”? Predation and martyrdom are zero-sum thinking. They lead to sorrow. Imagine what humans could achieve if we stopped thinking that someone has to lose for us to win, or that we have to lose to serve others.

Yep, I have a friend who has been repeatedly saying that the draco are about to be delt with swiftly and everything will be fine from then on.

He has been doing this for years. I find such folks are always projecting internal issues onto an unseen force because they are unwilling to do the inner work.

My personal journey and discernment have taught me to be highly skeptical of such statements.

Yes, some people in some ways do project, but I understand their frustrations. It’s not always completely about projecting and refusing inner work. There are real problems in this world, and there are fulfilling experiences that depend on more than just inner work, including things that are interpersonal rather than purely personal. For many, especially wanderers, the ways of this world and circumstances here prove to create difficulties in attaining certain forms of fulfillment.

This is a forum about channelings - is there a difference to speaking to other ET’s ? :smiley:

We should define what is terrestrial.
Is it everything that is based on the matter and spirit of gaia / this planet?
Or of the spirit of the planetary system?

The “offical” science with the evolution theory says that civilization has begun max. 3 thousand years ago. :wink:

Yes - and it is in every aspect of life.

Imagine what humans could achieve if they will get aware of this.

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Yes - just begin with what can be seen and experienced.

This is part of the game of an incarnation into this life with a veil and a maximum density of matter, in the middle between the negative and positive densities, as described in the wedic view of things.

Source: Armin Risi - Gott und die Götter

The division of the universe into fourteen dimensions of existence refers to the degree of development of divine consciousness.
In this division, human beings are in the middle, which is why the light and dark sides overlap in their dimension.
People are on the level of free will and decision, because they can choose in which direction they want to develop.
The beings in the upper and lower halves have already decided: the beings of the upper dimensions for the forces of light and the beings of the lower dimensions for the forces of darkness.
The designation “upper” and “lower” dimensions is based on the criterion of how close or distant they are from the knowledge of God.
The beings of the higher dimensions are usually God-facing, and the beings of the lower dimensions are usually God-distant. But both have a “good” conscience and consider themselves “good” and think that the “others” are the bad ones (if they still judge according to duality patterns).
The person in the middle has to decide who to believe. Both sides call themselves helpers, make promises and come up with miraculous powers. The beings of the dark side shine especially with technical achievements, the beings of the divine side with spiritual wisdom and godliness.

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May I have the name of the book you mention here, please? I’m also interested in finding the thread wherein the “hidden_Hand” (person on Wordpress) is quoted? I can’t seem to get back to that page/thread. Thanks in advance!

I’m going to message you the link to the Hidden Hand material…

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This was already the title of the mentioned book:

The Hidden Hand material is a complete other thing. (It’s possible to bad polarized for this forum. :wink:)

Hidden Hand Thread 2008 in English and German

Hidden Hand Thread 2018 in English

Thank you to all who posted or commented on the aforementioned material. I found it all to be very disturbing. I had to do several clearings to free myself from the concerns that reading the information generated, but I WAS warned of the potential for it to be either de-polarizing or disturbing at the least. I feel that I was drawn to that info to test my own resolve and my utter devotion on the deepest levels to expressing the highest possible percentage of service to others as I’m capable of in this iteration. I thank all, once again for being here and for your dedicated service to others and for your ongoing dedication to sharing clear, concise knowledge with which we can refine our own personal intentions as we dance the dance daily of our human evolvement and ascension to the next octave as a social memory complex in service to others and to the One Infinite Creator.

There IS another element I didn’t discuss, which has to do with the idea that we are here to serve, not judge. In the material, which rang of corollaries to the LoO material, I wondered how one reckons with the idea that we’re encouraged to see the Creator in ALL of the creation, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We do, of course, have to use our discernment in every moment of this incarnation, but I’m very curious how we engage that loving ALL AS the Creator when they are expressing such contrary and oppositional information to downplay its offensive nature and its sheer diametric opposition to that knowledge and information provided in the Ra material. I don’t know how to love someone who clearly aspires to convey or impart information or who conducts themselves in a manner that goes so far against both the material and the codes of moral and ethical conduct that service to other entities deem to be acceptable and appropriate for this spiritual journey. This goes for any service to self information purveyors. How are we supposed to love them in spite of their clear choice to serve self at all cost? If anyone cares to tackle this point, I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

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Your considerations are part of my considerations. I imagine and visualize that we are all One. At some point I approach certain experiences in my life and think, “What is this all about? I have this someone in front of me… And he/she is such, let say, distorted that he/she does not remind me Creator that I learn about.”

I am supposed to treat him/her as the Creator and I would like to treat him/her that way. However, he/she is so brazen and so extremely opposite to what I am learning about who the One Infinite Creator is and the Love Creator represents, that it stops making sense…

However, I repeat my efforts. I am to see and treat the other person as the Creator. Ok next step. First easier, I find various people in my life to some actually of them I have love for, and I naturally approach them and serve them, in one way or another, without too much consideration. On the other hand, at some point someone comes along that you get zonked: “I’m supposed to serve him like the Creator, but he/she’s basically the opposite of what the Creator presents himself, that it stops to make a sense regard my resonable feelings and resonance.”

I have embraced such a strategy that in that case I am left to focus on the Source. On the One Infinite Creator directly, without considering as manifestations - because as we know everything is the Creator. That is, the way out of the situation for me is to remain faithful to the Source. A bit like thinking: “So much is going on around me, including so much chaos and/or negativity from certain people, but I will remain faithful to the Creator (thinking of him as the Source).”

Then when you sort of “download” not from the environment, but directly from the Source, you know that you are actually connected, and even if someone in front of you is “distant” from you in the metaphysical sense, you still feel that you are able to properly deal with them when you draw inspiration with your whole self directly from the Source without being concerned about behaving in the wrong way when you draw inspiration directly from the surch Source, the One Infinite Creator.

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I searched for The Alchemist’s 666 and found this
thread. I’m not much of a biblical seeker. When
I pondered the Mark mentioned, I considered it
in the context of the enneagram, for example you
have three people who are type six who are into
the herd mentality or status quo, a sort of security
found in fitting in with the masses that may be
getting persuaded by manipulative means. In
modern paradigm it might suggest subliminal
advertising or psyops social media persuasion
or mind control. This article promotes a simple
remedy - pursue altruistic ideals.

Yes - thanks - that’s interesting.

The “Three Centers of the Personality Enneagram” reminds at Rudolf Steiner with thinking, feeling and acting.

There are some really old unanswered comments. :zzz: :rofl:

Please read „The Perception Deception“ from David Icke - he really good explains how the cult of Nimrod / Baal / Satan works on this planet and that all religion is at least the same.

I would call it a really deep and bad “conspiracy”, because every member of a religion thinks that “his” religion is the only one that is right and all other are wrong. But in reality they all pray to the same god.

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