How to Get to 4th?

HOW do you drop attn/consciousness into the 4th chakra?

And STAY there?

supreme frustration w loud mind

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One comes to have a smooth flow of consciousness in the 4th chakra through a process of transformation in the lower chakras. It’s a transformational process of acceptance and forgiveness of what one experiences, a process of allowing love to permeate one’s consciousness.

In short, by learning to love more and more deeply, you become more established in love. As you become more established in love, the deeper levels of self become more a part of your waking consciousness.


I have the same dilemmas. For now, the best I’ve come up with is nothing arcy original and you can certainly put it together yourself, but as the question has been asked, I’m happy to answer and share my experience. Perhaps, acutely, how I talk about it will be suggestive.

First I visualize and think of the absolute, I think of the One Infinite Creator. I expand this to include all these concepts like Allness, God, The Highest, Universe, Fullness, Unity, All in One, Infinite Creation, Super Consciousness, Cosmic Mind, etc…

Then bringing up the concept of unconditional love, I let all these feelings flow with the thoughts of it. Then I turn to the Creator again and imagine (internally turning to Him/Her) that unconditional love is coming through me from Creator to the world around me, people or some specific problems that require providence.

When I imagine the passage of this unconditional love, I generally think of it passing through me with special insights into the 4th chakra/Heart.

I support this by thinking about how the Creator would share unconditional love, not how I do. I imagine that he does it through me, I just enable him and join in with him.

Now the question is how to stay in it. It seems that the universe is structured in such a way that any change and desire to do something requires energy and dedication. Therefore, it simply remains to practice these thoughts, attitudes and ideas on a regular basis. Simply discipline and effort. I think what can help is remembering yourself when you do this, then this is recorded more intensely in the subconscious mind and it is easier to return to this state.

NOV 12, 1989

It is impossible to create purified emotion by desire alone, for desire will bring you to the border of that emotion, but will make of it a mockery unless the deep self is touched, and felt, unless emotion may inform intellect.

Food for thought.

In other words, emotions such as Universal Love become established within us because we discover them deep within ourselves through our human experience. Otherwise, they come in and out like the tides…we watch them but cannot stand upon them for purposes of transformation.

Concepts are not the same as the deep knowing that informs our faith.

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I believe it is true what you write and quote provided we place it in a certain context and perspective. Also the same is true of what I wrote.

I can only say that this way of disciplining myself (

) is effective for me. It allows me to keep myself in a behavior and thinking that is more satisfactory to me. And satisfactory is, for example: Keeping myself in a loving attitude instead of starting some vicious internal dialogue triggered by memories of some event and people that have imprinted negatively on me.

For me this is not a theory or hypothesis, it’s something that works in my case that’s why I wanted to share it. And the fact that there is a whole bunch of other things that need attention, knowledge and application, and then again conclusions and improvements, I am well aware of that.

Also there are things that I myself have gone through, have considered before or I have in mind, but I don’t always write about them openly, at least due to certain time constraints, etc. So I have to choose something “best” from it, at least the best at the moment. I’m sharing with the idea of sharing one extra block that can be used for self-development, not a complete and final product.

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This seems easier for an STO than an STS.
So one step might be to want to polarize
strongly STO and take actions that embolden
that desire. Without taking that step, the
importance may get dismissed and access
to any benefit may not be realized because
STS polarization retards this state.

Another important step may be that the
reason to do this is for the benefit of another
with some potential of mutual benefit
however that depends on the polarity
of another. In order to get there, you
need to want to strongly help another.
That desire is like voltage that may not
do much at low levels.

Polarized beneficially with strong desire
to help then factors into giving love, which
can vary infinite ways. Be a giver.

This may one of those paradox questions
of one word answer: love (as a verb.). But
wandering folk can be hyper-graphic and
verbose beyond trivial which is like light
that balances higher voltages of love.

Here’s a lyric improv for session 77 which
might be like a pop song example of

(Song beat similar
to Jason Mraz, Have It All)

May you reach the place to find the treasure of your quest
May you move from any harm to live in harmlessness.
May you wake within your being as Creator fabulous.
Spin it to be good, smile more merriness.
May you not neglect to live in happiness.
May you garner will to grow into your best.
May you heal into a comfortableness.
May you stop any ills, may your food be blessed.

And may the gifts of your good ways fill the days of our tomorrow’s, whoa-oh.
And may the truths you share be truths that we value, whoa-oh.

Cheers to our logos that planned it this way.
Cheers to the lives these concepts can change.
Cheers to the infinite creative ways of free will.
So want it, to share it.
Cheers to these concepts working in us.
Through cycles of change transforming us.
Cheers to seven’s foundation toward choice.
So want it, to share it all.

May you learn the concepts in the roots of mind.
May you grasp your meaning of archetype kind.
May you reach perception as a general goal.
Having no worries in precision of grasp.
May you get a blessing of investment, yes.
May you gain momentum of circumstance.
May experience vary beyond the rest.
And may you polarize true to your zest.


So want it to share it all. …


So want it, to share it all. All, from mind to action. All, evolve along free will. Unique to each person is a plan that happens. One, one, one, peace and power.

One, one, one, Infinite Creation.

Rejoice True!

Cheers to these concepts working in us.

Cheers to our logos plans of the past.

So want it, to share it all.

In my experience, I must listen attentively to the “loud mind” chatter, patiently.
Allowing all the catalyst and all the feelings to fully express themselves. Forgiveness whenever it is needed. Especially for the self. Eventually, things will quiet down. There are tones that help to quiet the mind once it has been heard out. Visualization meditations are the tools of the adept. Mindfulness or breath based is a good place to start. Do not be concerned when you wander off, just come back to the center and begin again.
One meditation that is useful is to breathe in and out from each of the energy centers, clearing and cleaning them with intention and loving willfulness.
Hope that is useful. Wishing you well.

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