Fear based power versus love based power

Fear based power versus love based power

Power derived from fear is all around us in today’s world everyone is talking about it.

Within fear based power , power is given, it cannot be taken. The victim surrendered their rights and power and submits out of manipulation and fear driven choices, self sabotage, harm, and even the hope or seeking of power in itself as one succumbs to the lure of the granting of power for themselves.

Within love based power, power is taken
The power of love unrequited, as an example is easily abused.
Also the most damaging is the taking away of love, or withholding of love or affection, especially in a relationship where any kind of love is present. Balanced or unbalanced, intentional or unintentional. To withhold love from others, especially those who love you is one of, if not the most damaging forms of mental and emotional abuse. To be the recipient of love withheld is painful.
Stockholm syndrome and seductive withholding as an example.

Love based power holds karmic weight, as power is taken, power is taken through the love from one to another. To use the power of love to control is to enter an imbalanced state of soul, the karmic trap.

These seeds of aloneness are the seeds of the darkening chaos, the seeds of fear.

I believe this is where the missing children of America comes in, 80,000 children go missing every year, where do they go. Psychically chosen children entered into slavery, tortured and abused, loved and withheld in a system designed specifically to create a karmic imbalance so strong it is felt by anyone empathetic. The inner anxiety felt by so many, yet always left misunderstood.

We need to learn to heal ourselves from the pain from an imbalance of power derived from love , in order to begin to break the cycle of this karmic imprisonment. It begins in the recognition and reconciliation of self within the relationships around us.

The world is a reflection of who we are.

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I think of love as wholeness in harmony. And that love is a resonance. That love cannot be taken or given away. If I tell someone “I will give you love” or I say “I will withhold my love and stop you from getting it” in both cases that’s like business transactions instead of love in my opinion. When me and the other person are in harmonic resonance then there is love in both of us as a result of that unity, not because either of us have given or taken something.

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I mean this in a friendly way. You may want to focus on whether or not you are wrestling with thought forms born of early experiences. You may wish to feel if you are playing out this wrestling match over and over so as allow you to try to make some sense of it.

My observation, generally speaking, is that we begin life by go through a long developemental stage where we try to draw love to us, most understandably. Then we move into a personally balanced stage where we try to allow universal love to pass through us. There is no struggle; it’s like water running down hill, that’s just what it does. It is not transactional, as @Anders notes above.

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Transactional love, that’s a good term for it I think. We are so used to transactional love in third density. Unconditional love requires green-ray activation as I understand it. And today for us humans in third density we usually only have up to the yellow ray activated.

And without the green ray we try to manifest love from the lower centers, which puts conditions on the love. What do I need to to do get love or to give love becomes the question. A tricky situation, because when the unconditional love is absent there seems to be only transactional love left as an option.

Yes, and even more so because what you’re discussing is pretty much invisible from the viewpoint of yellow ray reality. It’s a difficult transition–obviously.

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For what it’s worth David Hawkins says fear is ultimately a much weaker force than love. A few people acting in love can offset hundreds or even thousands of people acting in fear. I’d have to look it up but I’m pretty sure he gave some exact ratios.