Embody fool or is this foolish?

I want to temporarily invoke and embody the different archetypes. Does it make sense to do it with the fool? Sounds fun to me because I am dominated by my intellect.

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“Ignorance is bliss”. I wish I could go back to childlike innocence and idealism. If you can do it, I’d say do it. To me, it seems good.

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There’s a certain strength and elegance to innocence and simplicity. A certain magnetism and intensity that “old souls” might tend to come back around to and crave. That’s sort of how it is for me, as one who is also rather “dominated” by my intellect.

Ok I am totally going to try this.

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I likely carry the weight of ancient Orion on my shoulders. My guiding light is often a “foolish” utopian idealism to balance out the heaviness. When I can embody that archetype for small bits of time, I feel closer to my true self, and the cynicism can go ahead and puff my Peter Pan complex.

The fool is an often underrated archetype. When balanced by wisdom such as the Hierophant, it can lead to great insight, both in terms of intellectual and emotional intelligence.

I’d say It’s a very good balancing aspect for “overly” intellectual people.